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Executive Coaching is a collaborative process designed to help executives and the organizations in which they work enhance the leadership capacity and effectiveness of an executive in discharging his/her duties in the organization.  Coaching helps executives and organizations confront behaviors and workplace issues that are limiting one’s effectiveness in the organization.

Executive Coaching is designed so that the executive develops positive behavioral changes that can immediately improve his/her effectiveness and standing in the organization.  The process is a goal directed, comprehensive and systematic effort focused on examining the dynamics of an executive’s current behaviors while also assessing alternatives for effective change in order to create behaviorally based models of successful behavior.

Coaching is used when:

  • Executives have a significant change in responsibilities that requires growth and skill acquisition.
  • Organizational change calls for different leadership behaviors.
  • An organization finds out they have a bright, talented employees who were once productive contributors but are now roadblocks.
  • Executives find themselves confused and frustrated because behaviors that contributed to their success earlier in their careers are getting them into “hot water.”
  • There is a desire for continued learning and change.
  • Technically proficient managers have not acquired the interpersonal and intra-organizational skills, competencies and behaviors to operate at a leadership level.
  • An executive experiences a crisis in his/her professional or personal life.

Coaching for the Executive’s Agenda provides opportunities for one-on-one, in-depth, customized coaching to meet the personal and professional needs of the executive.  Individuals are provided with the opportunity to explore life and legacy issues as well as career goals.